Monday, February 29, 2016

Delta & The Expeditionary Targeting Force is operational in Iraq.

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via CNN
The U.S. Army's elite Delta Force operations to target, capture or kill top ISIS operatives have begun in Iraq, after several weeks of covert preparation, an administration official with direct knowledge of the force's activities told CNN.

The official said the group has spent the last several weeks preparing, including setting up safe houses, establishing informant networks and coordinating operations with Iraqi and Peshmerga units. It's the same strategy that Special Operations forces have used in previous deployments to combat zones.

Several Pentagon and military officials declined to discuss specifics of the so-called Expeditionary Targeting Force with CNN.

But Defense Secretary Ash Carter seemed to confirm in comments made at the Pentagon on Monday that the Special Operations forces had begun missions.

"The only thing I'll say is the (Expeditionary Targeting Force) is in position, it is having an effect and operating, and I expect it to be a very effective part of our acceleration campaign," he said during a press conference.

According to Carter, the force will conduct raids, seize places and people, and free ISIS-held hostages and prisoners.
Carter also told reporters that the force would cause ISIS "to fear that anywhere, anytime, it may be struck."
Interesting.  So Carter decided that it was appropriate to inform the public that Delta was on the ground operating in Iraq?  Additionally he stated that they have been setting up safe houses and establishing an informer network?

Just plain fucking wow.

Mark my words.  Our people will die because of this leak.  Imagine if you were a member of ISIS..especially leadership.  What would you do after this?

Personally I'd be out hunting Delta with a force equipped with at least gun trucks and if I could spare them from the fight in Syria, probably tanks and APCs too.

The idea wouldn't be to kill Delta or a member of the Expeditionary Targeting Force, the goal would be to capture a couple of them.  I'd do my best to penetrate this informer network and put on a well laid trap.  I'd bait it with something too irresistible to pass up and then I'd wait.  And if I was some scum sucking ISIS bastard I'd capture that US troop and then I'd terrorize the US by posting vids of his horrific torture and death.

Informants both real and imagined will be killed.  Unfortunately so will one of our Special Ops personnel.  You heard it here first.  Carter decided to bump his gums and someone down range is gonna pay the price in blood.

The only real question is why?  Are they so eager to make it appear that they're doing something about the ISIS threat that they would talk in the clear about secret operations?  Is this about the Obama Administration's legacy?

If it is then Carter deserves a special place in hell...oh and I noticed Dunford was there too.  He should know better so again...WHAT THE FUCK!

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