Friday, February 05, 2016

Gun Control is about to become moot...enforcing gun crime laws are the new reality with 3d printed guns becoming a reality...

Video found at Everyday No Days Off Blog.

What you see above is a video showing a 3d printed gun being test fired.  The manufacture of weapons in your house, without permit is already going mainstream.  When the price of a 3d printer drops to that of your average laptop then the gun control debate becomes a moot point.

Gun control advocates have already lost and they don't even know it.  Gun rights proponents have always said that the way you control violent crime is to enforce laws on the books that place strict sentences on those that commit them...especially those that involve weapons of any type...including guns.

The funny thing?   We're about to reach a point where only law abiding citizens will be buying guns from manufacturers.  I can easily see a time where we see a real black market in untraceable guns.  Can you imagine the law enforcement challenge of trying to track a gun that was made in a basement, used once in the commission of a homicide and then literally burned to crisp?

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