Sunday, February 07, 2016

IDF demands to approve articles by military bloggers before publication.

via RT
Israel’s new chief military censor has demanded that popular bloggers writing on security-related issues submit their posts to her before publication. Failure to do so will be considered a crime. Critics say the move is Orwellian.

The expansion of the IDF’s censorship scope was first revealed by one of the bloggers targeted, Yossi Gurvitz. He runs a Facebook page called “George's Friends” – a title alluding to writer George Orwell – which has over 10,000 subscribers.
This week he tweeted that the IDF’s former spokesperson, who was appointed chief censor less than a year ago, has ordered that he submit his posts for prepublication review.
This is....stunning.  I'm too small to ever catch the notice of the censors if such a move was planned by our own DoD, but Western militaries are copying each other so.....

I wonder.  Has this even been discussed in the Pentagon?  I would think not.  Most of the military press writes only favorable articles and I have yet to see ANY defense journalist challenge a spokesman with hard hitting questions in an article or interview.

But still.  I checked out the blogger and he didn't have anything "hard hitting" in his Twitter feed.  This whole thing is curious.

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