Friday, February 19, 2016

Local Sheriffs really are as powerful as many say...

via SHTF Plan.
Reportedly, Sheriff Rogers than wrote to the Department of Justice and informed them of the actions he would take if federal inspectors did not have a signed warrant based upon probable cause over which to conduct their searches:
“I understand that you have made recent requests to (the farmer) for documents and to appear before a grand jury, and he has had a number of inspections and attempted inspections on his farm within Elkhart County.This is notice that any further attempts to inspect this farm without a warrant signed by a judge, based on probable cause, will result in federal inspectors’ removal or arrest for trespassing by my officers or I. In addition, if any further action is taken by the federal government on (the farmer), while he is in Elkhart County, I will expect that you or federal authorities contact my office prior to such action. I will expect you to forward this information to your federal associates, including the FDA.”
Shortly after the email was sent, the farmer received a certified letter from the DOJ that said his grand jury subpoena had been cancelled. No federal inspectors have visited the farm since 2011.
Full story with a vid from FoxNews on the story here. 

I can't lie.  I'm stunned.  The Militia/3%'ers/Patriot/State's Rights Movements and many others have been pushing local Sheriffs to take a stand against what they say is over reach by Federal agents.

Maybe its because in my area the Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement work well together it isn't an issue, but in other places it seems to be a point of contention.

I just didn't think a Sheriff could stop Federal Agents.  I was wrong and definitely need to learn more about this.

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