Sunday, February 21, 2016

Terrorist group asks for protection from Russian air strikes!

via Sputnik
The Syria-based terror group, DWN says, citing a Reuters report, has asked for a "two-three week truce," and demanded that all attacks on the terrorist group be stopped.

The group has tabled the measure in the hopes that the break in hostilities will give them time to regroup, preventing their complete destruction, the paper says.
If Sputnik had stopped there I would be laughing my ass off at Al Nusra Front running to mommy UN begging them to make the bad man Russians stop. 

But of course they had to push and so we get this little dig...
For their part, the United States and Saudi Arabia have long-supported the terror group with arms and finances, while politicians have attempted to put al-Nusra in a more favorable light by counting them in the ranks of the so-called 'moderate opposition', the newspaper suggests.

And "while the al-Nusra Front has officially rejected al-Qaeda's goals, they have done so only in order to participate in the carve-up of Syria," DWN adds.
Let me be clear.  The Russians aren't our friends but they don't have to be our enemies.  We can work with them on certain issues.  We do not have to link Ukraine to our policy in the Middle East.  Long story short.  We can try to hinder any moves they make in Europe while assisting them in their efforts to kill terrorists in Syria.

Assad is a sideshow. ISIS is center stage.  We should be able to kill a division's worth of terrorists in months, not years or decades. 

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