Thursday, March 10, 2016

China's artificial islands are power projection platforms.

via Free Beacon.
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated in an intelligence analysis for Congress that China is nearing completion of key military outposts on reefs and islets claimed by several other nations.
“Based on the pace and scope of construction at these outposts, China will be able to deploy a range of offensive and defensive military capabilities and support increased PLA [Navy] and [Chinese coast guard] presence beginning in 2016,” Clapper said.
“Once these facilities are completed by the end of 2016 or early 2017, China will have significant capacity to quickly project substantial offensive military power in the region,” he stated.
If Clapper is right then the Chinese have plans to push us all the way back to Hawaii.

I wonder if all the analyst have it wrong.  From what I've read, WW2 is seen as the pivotal moment in the way that the Chinese are behaving today.  Tensions between China and Japan are based on that assumption and many think that the sting felt from Japanese occupation is the rationale behind their actions.

Could they be wrong?  What if the Chinese are pushing so strongly to extend its reach and create a buffer extends back to the actions by the West during the Boxer Rebellion?  Could the Communists be worried about the potential for Western powers to "attempt an end run around the govt" and deal directly with the populace again (it was missionaries spreading the word of Christ back then, and today it could be said globalization zealots)?

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