Friday, March 25, 2016

F-35 full combat capability delayed. Block 3I (the USMC IOC software) riddled with issues.

via Defense News.
Success of Block 3F mission systems hinges on the program office resolving the problems with Block 3i, Director of Operational Test and Evaluation Michael Gilmore wrote in his written testimony. The stability and functionality problems in the initial versions of Block 3F, inherited from Block 3i, were “so significant that the program could not continue flight test,” he wrote.

While Bogdan stressed the Block 3F delays will not impact IOC, he acknowledged they could affect how ready the jets are for the formal initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E) phase of development, currently planned to start in 2017.

Gilmore estimated Block 3F capabilities will not be ready for IOT&E until 2018 at the earliest.

“The Block 3F schedule, even with significant improvements in software stability, deficiency resolution, and flight test rates, still appears to extend into 2018 before the capabilities will be ready and certified for IOT&E,” Gilmore wrote.
We're heading toward nut busting time.  I'm amazed that the critics of the airplane keep focusing on the wrong stuff.

The reality is stark.  The software is trash.  The only way this airplane makes it is if we have a Congress that continues to ignore its oversight responsibility, and a General Officer Corps that continues to lie.

If by some miracle, we get honest General Officers instead of politicians...if by chance the US military gets serious about defending the country then the program dies.  The same can be said for Congress.  If they start taking the power of the purse seriously and take the time to learn the issues with the F-35 and find out how much bullshit they've been fed by Bogdan and his pals in the Pentagon then the program dies (and people go to jail).

Far from being out of danger, we're seeing the F-35 heading into a critical time.  The house of cards is teetering.

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