Friday, March 25, 2016

ISIS 2nd in Command killed in raid. More proof that Europe is in trouble.

Everyone and their mothers are talking about the undeniably daring attempt to capture the ISIS 2nd in Command.  Yeah I'm a critic of SOCOM, but I can't blow smoke on this one.  This was probably as gutsy and as dicey a mission as I could imagine...this one is straight out of a Tom Clancy novel.

To helicopter into Syria, do a movement to your ambush spot, and then make the try to capture the guy and switching on the move to it being a kill mission and after all that making it out?

I would give body parts to read the after action report on this one.

Two things though.  I wonder how much support/resources were diverted to support this effort.  This has been my personal friction point with SOCOM in the past but not on this one.  Now I'm just curious.  I hope we had every US asset in theater pointed in the direction of our guys doing this mission.  The next question is why now?  Are they that worried about future attacks in Europe that they're trying to get ahead of the curve?

This mission indicates that Europe is in serious trouble of future attacks.  It also shows that ISIS has learned a bit about communications security and our standard ways of monitoring them is no longer working.

Europe will burn this summer.

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