Saturday, March 12, 2016

Modest Proposal. The G650ER as the new arsenal plane!

I've been monitoring the conversation on the pro's and con's of using the B-52 as an arsenal plane.  The arguments against seem compelling so what would be a relatively affordable airplane that can be converted to the task?

There are probably a ton of reasons why it couldn't work, but the G650ER seems to fit the bill.

Speed?  .85 MACH.  Range?  7500 nm.  Cruise altitude?  50,000 ft.

Mods to make it air refuelable, stick some pylons on it so it can carry air to air missiles, maybe a pod for drones and even room inside to stick a couple of electronic warfare officers (along with their gear) and you have your arsenal/ISR node/electronic warfare plane all in one.

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