Monday, March 14, 2016

N. Korea prepping for another nuclear test...or an attack?

via Free Beacon.
Escalating threats from North Korea’s communist regime are indicators of a future military attack or another nuclear test in the coming days, according to a recent U.S. intelligence assessment.
Intelligence agencies issued the assessment last week warning that threatening rhetoric from Pyongyang in response to large-scale U.S.-South Korean military exercises and new U.N. sanctions had reached the highest level in years.
The unclassified assessment circulated within government states that the intense language suggests North Korea is preparing for a surprise military strike or a demonstration of strategic capability, such as a new long-range missile test or underground nuclear blast, according to U.S. officials familiar with the report.
I know intel estimates are usually worse case scenario driven (they like to cover all bases so they won't get blamed if things go sideways) but the idea that N. Korea could be prepping for an attack is big league talk.

The fact that Gertz could get his hands on it means that this is circling DC as we speak (sorry Big G, you're good but damn, no one is that good...this should have been classed as eyes only!).

What is the motivation to let this see the light of day?  A faction in the Obama administration that wants a more forceful stance toward N. Korea?  S. Korean factions that want an increase in US forces?  An attempt to show the US people that we have irrational enemies and we need to pump up the defense budget now?

Who knows.

Personally I don't think an attack by the North is credible.  Someone is playing games.

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