Thursday, March 10, 2016

Syrian Army vs Rebels in close combat with Antitank Guided Missiles used as fire support (vid)

Thank to Info Infantrie for the link!

The Syrian Army should have wiped these guys out long ago.  Quite honestly I don't understand how the rebels fight the way that they do.  Cross wide open, barren spaces in broad daylight to carry out an attack?

And they wonder why they're getting mowed down?  Do they not understand the protection that comes from using the night?  Of using the body's rhythms against it?

Did you see the ATGM cork screwing into those guys in the vid?  A missile that moves slow enough for you to track its movement with your eyeballs and instead of hauling ass you're frozen in place?  Their relatives cry and Darwin smiles...the survival instinct obviously isn't finely honed in some people.

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