Saturday, March 05, 2016

Buy guns/gear/preps now!

Thanks to T for the idea.

"T" said it last week and she's right.  Oh and be advised this post isn't for everyone, but if you're into the shooting sports or preparedness then start buying a little extra ammo/gear/preps now.

Two things loom large and will cause a spike in prices.  The first is that many are now calling for a full on recession this year.  via Bloomberg.
Rogers Holdings Chairman Jim Rogers is certain that the U.S. economy will be in recession in the next 12 months.
During an interview on Bloomberg TV with Guy Johnson, the famous investor said that there was a 100 percent probability that the U.S. economy would be in a downturn within one year.
"It's been seven years, eight years since we had the last recession in the U.S., and normally, historically we have them every four to seven years for whatever reason—at least we always have," he said. "It doesn't have to happen in four to seven years, but look at the debt, the debt is staggering."
Talk about a recession is reaching critical mass and its no longer fringe to talk about it.  So bake that into your calculations.  Based on that alone we'll see a spike in prices, but add to it the volatile and unpredictable presidential election and the writing is on the wall.

Act now while prices are relatively low.  This applies across the board to include firearms and gear.

If we suffer a recession and IF Hillary is elected you'll see a price spike due to people rushing to buy weapons, gear and ammo because of fear of future restrictions and once the recession hits full force you'll see some of your favorite gear makers go under.

We have an oversupply of gun, and gear manufacturers so if you have a favorite that you haven't bought do it now cause later they might not be around.

You heard it here first.

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