Wednesday, April 06, 2016

McMaster: Army May Be Outnumbered AND Outgunned In Next War

via Breaking Defense.
“We are outranged and outgunned by many potential adversaries,” McMaster said, “[and] our army in the future risks being too small to secure the nation.”
Read the entire article but when you finish come back here and read my rant!

You back?


This is simply amazing.  I've been screaming about this for over a year now.  Remember how American Mercenary tried to shout me down by saying that the drastic cuts in the size of the US Army was normal?   The leadership of the US Army and Marine Corps agreed,  rolled over like good little puppies and stated that the proposed cuts were no problem and that they would be able to accomplish assigned missions....but with Obama due to leave office in a few months, only now do we see a little truth.

My worry is that things are worse than we're being told.  First we have US ground forces undergoing TREMENDOUS social change that by its very nature will make our units LESS lethal.

Next you have everything being bet on the assumption that air power will make up this deficit....and while we're making that stupid gamble, the enemy is making moves to nullify that one time advantage!

McCain is quoted as saying that the US is facing another Vietnam in its fight against ISIS.  If that alone doesn't make you question leadership (I'm still spinning at the idea of a 30-40K force operating in the open desert is a tactical problem that will require another 10 years to defeat) then add McMaster's words to the mix.

We're facing a repeat of history.  A hollow military after a disastrous, poorly run, pitifully managed war but this time we won't have a Reagan II to fix the mess.

The next time we're faced with serious combat (and if you keep track of military spending then you know the entire world is gearing up for war) we're gonna get our asses beat.  Someone's son or daughter will be cursing today's leaders.

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