Saturday, April 02, 2016

MiG-35 Multi-Role Fighter Simulation (translation needed!)

1.  This is obviously propaganda but COOL YOUR JETS!  Not long ago the Pentagon was complaining that Russia and China weren't being open about their defense projects.  Now that they're opening up (mostly Russia...China is still closed) some don't like what they see.  To those people I say take a step back in history and read some of the public sourced Soviet Military Intelligence Estimates put out by the CIA on a yearly basis.

2.  I need a real deal, you know the Russian language, translation.  In one part of the vid they highlight the Rafale and the Eurofighter.  Did they do a direct comparison between the Mig-35 and those planes?

3.  Also need identification on those missiles. 

The Mig-35.  I thought this plane long dead.  Seems like its rising from the ashes.

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