Thursday, April 07, 2016

We've been involved in two wars for more than a decade...why hasn't the strategy been questioned?

This is for my military readers.

We've been at war for more than a decade, but I haven't heard one complaint about the strategy from any of the think tanks, leadership or even rank and file.  Why?

What we've been doing hasn't been working.  We've trained the Iraqi Army about 10 or more times now and they're still substandard.  Our answer?  We need to train them.  We've talked about how we need to make this an Arab fight.  The Arabs still sit on the sidelines and expect the West to defend them .  We talk about how civic programs are the key to winning hearts and minds so we pump millions approaching billions of dollars to improve infrastructure in those countries.  Yet the populace still doesn't support us and still hasn't stepped up to defend their own lands.

So why isn't the military leadership of the US or ANY Western country doing a deep dive into why this war strategy is failing?  Why aren't we adjusting to the reality of the Middle East and trying something different.

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