Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Taifun-Airborne APC. Is it really this freaking tough?

The article from Sputnik was standard fare and showed the usual testing of a new armored vehicle. Read it here.  What captured my attention and wondered if the editors over there had ingested crack or if the Russians had cracked the code was this portion.
A direct hit by an artillery shell or a landmine have always been a major problem for any types of armored vehicles.
Here too the Taifun escaped largely unscathed
with a direct hit by a blast-fragmentation shell causing a tiny crack on the porthole, cracking a back view mirror and doing other, equally insignificant, damage.
During one test a Taifun withstood some 15 direct hits, including by a self-made bulk explosive device. The amount of explosive was enough to blow a Gazelle mini-truck to bits, but the Taifun remained roadworthy and its engine kept running even if the hood was blown off.
A direct hit by an artillery shell?  I'm not sure what they're talking about when it comes to a self made bulk explosive but I was taught how to make an explosively formed penetrator as a devil pup.  That can shred most things up to a MBT.  Could they be saying that this vehicle withstood that?

Let's hope the editors are smoking crack or just talking mad, crazy shit!  If this is real then they have a wonder vehicle.

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