Thursday, May 20, 2010

Told ya so!

This from Defense Tech.  Go to their site for the whole story.
Yet, Pentagon sources tell DOD Buzz that planners aren’t just looking at cutting tail, serious cuts in tooth are also being considered. Specifically, cutting Army and Marine force levels back to where they were before Gates boosted the land forces in early 2007 by 92,000; 65,000 additional soldiers and 27,000 more Marines.
This was an easy prediction.  After every major conflict the USMC has contracted sharply.  These wars will not be an exception.  Expect even deeper cuts than those talked about in the article.  I'm thinking that the US Marines will fall to an end strength of about 150-165,000.


  1. But is this a bad move? I don't think so. This is a natural and very necessary process because the core is kept in place and the need for new blood is evident. There must be a difference between forces in times of war and peace, not mentioning the budget requirements.

  2. Didn't Gates just talk about not drawing down too far like we always do after a war, and always regret later?
    Since the end of WWII we fall for " the next war will be a bloodless conquest from the air, run by the USAF", after every conflict where the infantry was just proved King again.

  3. i don't think its that simple. pay raises have become almost expected every year and that raises costs of everything...retirement etc.

    i think you'll see a move to get rid of a bunch of first timers with wives and'll see it a lot harder to reenlist etc.

    its about to get hard. and with the withdrawal due to happen next year, you can bet that this is already being planned today. probably advanced planning.


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