Saturday, July 24, 2010

UltimateRatioReg and the missing Sailors.

USNI blog has a story about sailors missing in Afghanistan

They ask for prayers and I offer them.  They ask for patience and I'm trying.  But....

UltimateRatioReg made this statement.

Yes, please let’s not assume misbehavior or mistakes prematurely. Some units do operate in small teams for a variety of purposes.
Let us find out the story first.
I ask you this...

What unit operates two man teams and will deploy by vehicle to their area of operation?

Force Recon?  Nope...I've seen them drop down to six men but never a two man team...

Marine Corps Snipers?  Nope...with the new environment they're starting to look more and more like Force Recon light.  They often go out in Platoon strength...but at least squad...just so that they can provide local security.

US Army Rangers?  Nope...their mission sets require at least platoon if not company strength.

Green Berets?  Nope..they still use their legacy Alpha Team setup.

SEALs?  Nope...again, its platoon or at least squad.

So why would two Sailors be go outside the wire in a vehicle?

I don't know.  I can't figure this one out.  But it must be said that this kind of thing keeps happening.  It would seem that sentries would be alert to vehicles entering and leaving the compound.

This one just doesn't make sense.  I'll be waiting for the answer to this one quite anxiously.  Oh and for those that might mistake me asking these questions with me being disrespectful to these men, then understand that isn't the case.

If a repeat of this is to be prevented then the 'why' must be part of the investigation.

I'm just doing that here.

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  1. Two man teams may be some kind of advisory/technical teams, trainers to train/instruct Afghan or even fellow US forces. When you have even USAF maintenance crew doing convoy patrols, everything is possible.

    My thoughts and prayers too.


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