Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Lockheed Martin's Paris Air Show Website.

LM has launched their Paris Air Show website here.  Make sure you check it out...well worth it.  But I have a question mixed with a suggestion for them.

LM!  If you know they hate your product and continuously run it down, then why even waste time talking to them?  I don't care who they write for...its just not worth it.  Boycott your haters guys!  And don't be fooled by wolves in sheeps clothing.


Wow.  Either great minds think alike...Lockheed Martin threatened to pull advertising --- something but I noticed that Aviation Week has an article up --- "Face to Face : Lockheed Martin CEO Robert Stevens" big you say????  Oh yeah...much big!  Ya see the byline is by Joe Anselmo...he's a business writer that occasionally graces ARES with a fluff piece on the Chinese...but another name is there that stood out simply because I had never seen it before.  Anthony Velocci, Jr.  He's the freaking Editorial Director for Aviation Week.  Long story short (pure speculation on my part) he was there to ride herd on his writers. I guess someone with a much bigger megaphone than mine has been complaining about biased stories too.

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