Friday, June 22, 2012

ALTAY. Turkish Tank Dreams.

What happens when you have a Turkish desire to develop its own domestic tank, mixed with S. Korean K-2 technology mixed with an economy that is weathering the current economic troubles rather they're happy they weren't admitted to the Euro now!....

You have the Altay.  Not much info is available over the web but the wiki page gives a good primer.  Read it here.


  1. It's worth remembering that they already produce the K9 under license with some modifications and call it the T155. I think they've been producing it for about 10 years now and have exported it as well. Interestingly they built it with the state owned MKEK while the MBT will be produced by Otokar.

    South Korea exports almost $5 billion a year to Turkey and the two have very good relations going back to the war.

    1. $5 billion! Can yu give any reference? i mean as far as i know all export of Turkish military is less than 10 billion.

      Also about the intersting part; otokar and other defense companies had better technological infrastructure then State owned companies since 1980s.Beside that Otokar FNSS and BMC prodeced diffrent kind of armored personnel carrier and infantry fighting vehicle.

  2. Sorry if I wasn't clear but South Korea exports about $5 billion of goods to Turkey every year. This includes all exports, both civilian and military. Without looking it up I believe Turkey exports about $300 to maybe 500 million in goods to South Korea. The two nations had trade talks earlier this year and, IIRC, they set a goal of doubling total trade volume from roughly $5 billion to around $10 billion and I believe described the trade relationship as "strategic".

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