Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Office of Security Cooperation - Iraq

Two U.S. Embassy helicopters carrying members of The Office of Security Cooperation - Iraq land in Tikrit, Iraq, June 9, 2012. OSC - I in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy - Baghdad, the government of Iraq and international partners, conducts security cooperation in order to support Iraq's continued development into a sovereign, stable and long-term self-reliant strategic partner that contributes to peace and security in the region.


I'm gonna have to check and see if they have any contractor positions open.  Big Army and Marines are gone.  Its mostly run by the State Dept and its a Joint Command base...yeah that place sounds cherry.  Time to check in with some of my boys at Triple Canopy, G4S or Lockheed Martin Security to see if they have any details opening up!

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