Thursday, August 30, 2012

Know your enemy. China launches Type 52D Destroyer.

Type 52C Destroyer via China Military Review.
Type 52D Destroyer via China Military Review.
This is the trouble with China.

They're pumping out ships and planes so fast that identification issues that we had with the Soviet Union are going to look like child's play in comparison.  Not only are they producing new models but they're also introducing product improved models of existing designs.

There is an additional issue too.  Look at all those VLS tubes.  Remember my fictional attack on a carrier battle group?  Add to that mix a couple of these ships armed with the Chinese Tomahawk anti-ship missile and it becomes even more difficult for our guys to survive.

Read about the new Type 52D here.


  1. I thought of something truly evil...

    Take the GD LCS, remove all the mission modules that are in the rear mission bay, then convert the entire rear flight deck and mission bay into a giant VLS farm.

    The cost to load the magazines would likely be more than the ship itself :)

  2. Spudman:

    * there's a design for LCS and Mk41 with mission "zones" (LCS-1) and with Mk41 and / or Harpoon (LCS-2). I believe the Sauds were interested in one of them. I have them downloaded somewhere, but they shouldn't be difficult to find.

    * "remove all the mission modules that are". No, they aren't.

    Take care. Ferran

  3. The O52C has 48 VLS and 8 separate SSM launchers and the 052D appears to have 64 VLS and no separate tubes or a net gain of 8 missiles. It's an improved type 052 but it's still an air defense DDG and how effective it's systems are is an open question.

    China has an evolving array of threats including aircraft, submarines, ballistic missiles, and surface combatants; however, the surface ships are the least of our concern given our SSN's. The Chinese should have included the towed sonar on these ships and/or given them two helicopters not just one. They didn't because, in part, the ships main job is air defense.

    Sol as an aside whenever I read 'know your enemy' I always hear RATM in my head lol.


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