Friday, December 07, 2012

Terminal Lance #237 “Obvious Observations”

So fucking true...I gotta give credit.  Wet is bad.  Cold and wet sucks donkey balls!

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  1. It was raining, my foxhole filled up rapidly with water till we were sitting in a muddy bathtub of goo, cold and wet me and Carmine got out and sat beside the hole. Lt came by and said, "Combat situation you cannot sit outside your hole you must stay inside the enemy is out there Marines!"
    We said, "Yes Sir!" then took our helmets out and bailed out the fighting hole It looked like another wet, rainy fall in North Carolina.
    Simulated enemy was cool but couldn't me and Carmine simulate sitting in the water?
    Cold, wet and totally pissed off We waited for the elusive but always watchful North Carolina Gook, he was out there somewhere, no doubt warm and dry.


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