Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walking Dead Update. 1/2 way thru....

Ok.  Slightly pissed.  I'm not going to give a play by play of the assault on the prison but seriously?  Really?  But it gets worse.
The Governor goes crazy and starts killing his people and instead of someone getting the smart idea that "hey I have a gun too!" all they do is run away?  Seriously?  If people actually are this crazy stupid then I hope a Zombie Apocalypse does comes.  I'll setup the independent Republic of Snafu!

Update to the Update:  The kid has more guts than anyone else.  He's a immoral amoral little bastard but his thinking is consistent and in a way logical.

Update to the Update 1:  I am so happy blondie is gonna die!  I hated the female.


  1. Hey, amateurs, baby, amateurs.

    Most of those dudes had a week's worth of marksmanship training since the Gov had lost most of his quality fighters. The Gov thought they could just overwhelm Rick's crew with firepower and numbers.

    And yeah, the Woodbury people died because they they behaved like sheeple. Sort of a metaphor for people who don't take an interest in how and by whom they are governed.

    "what? you're really a psychotic murderer"

    1. benevolent dictator. think Rick without the crazy.

  2. This season had a good premise, but Season 2 was better when it came to execution. Characters and people actually did things that made sense.

    After episode 10 it all went down hill(with 5 episodes of seemingly implausible filler). There must be something in the water causing people (including Andrea) to lose IQ points, because it's implausible that no one had the sense to kill the Governor (especially after he wasted his own people).

    At least we got Game of Thrones, which is a much better written show.


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