Monday, April 01, 2013

The push back against Women in the Infantry begins.

Thanks for the article Joe!

The General's club must have been in over drive over this issue.  Notice too that its a Marine General that is coming with the push back.  I wonder if this is with the quiet agreement of the current Commandant or in spite of.  We might be seeing an end to the silence that has come from retired General's when it comes to current policy.

Read the article for yourself here.


  1. i think its also quite telling its in time magazine and not more niche publication, Time has a strong reputation and a large reader base, so it will get alot more readers than if in a military journal or a think tank kind of paper.

    1. well i'm not so sure about that. many of the traditional business and news paper type mags have been dipping there toes into the military. its just big, hyped business these days. its like taking advantage of the gun culture without being a part of it. everyone is into military stuff these days and this just plays on it.

    2. Time magazine sucks liberal cock.

  2. As the man said, the standards will drop. There will be unbearable pressure on the commanders to pass women recruits in infantry courses for political reasons. Standing up to the PC bootlickers will be a career-ender. So it goes. Another slice of the American decline.

  3. So A NorK unit captures several women Infantry person's and stakes them out as bait, How many men will die trying to retrieve and save these women.
    Any Enemy will arrange rape captures of women Infantry person's and raid American lines just to acquire females and once gang raped to death will be posed about the battle field for shock value.
    Remember when the enemy commits a war heinous crime there are no repercussions but when American forces commit war crimes in vengeance the weight of the UN, the White House and the world will come down on them. Sniper bait or rape bait does any sane man or woman want our girls t5o be placed in the same position Jessica Lynch was in only by the thousands?
    I don't wish that on anyone.


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