Tuesday, September 03, 2013

If the President wins authorization, then he wins the 2nd term. Update.

The President is on the verge of a tremendous victory if Senators like McCain and Neo-Cons win the day.  Consider this....

*  If war is declared then Sequestration dies.  The US military will by necessity get anything it asks for.  Who will deny Pentagon while service members are at war?

*  Obama Care will be fully funded.  With Sequestration dead, and Congress unable to shut down the government because the Pentagon is at war, that means Obama Care is out of danger.

*  Immigration will be a fait accompli.  Dangle the vision of getting immigrants out of the shadows while warning of increased terror threat.  It will pass because of fear when it couldn't because of economic considerations.

I wish to God that half the people I deal with on a daily basis were as STUPID as Republicans in Congress.  I'd be a millionaire and living on a 500 acre spread.

The bigger issue for Republicans is simple.  Most of their constituents aren't in favor of this action ( Sen Graham from S. Carolina will be toast and McConnell is in deeper trouble if this goes forward).  They just shot in the face any chance for them to regain the Senate and the base might be so frustrated that they don't turn out in numbers to keep the House.

The President of the United States is making an ass of the Republicans.  Amazing.

UPDATE:  Business Insider has an article discussing the views of Active, Retired and Vets with regards to any action in Syria.

UPDATE 1:  Is it my imagination or does it seem like the UN is a conflict pimp?  By that I mean I've heard about the refugee problem for months now.  But with the US debating whether or not to get involved we suddenly are getting bombarded with news that the UN is saying that this is the worst humanitarian crisis of this century.  It really seems might convenient.  Some might even go so far as to say coordinated.


  1. The Republican Party as we know it needs to die.

    I wish the tea party and libertarian wing would split off and create another party.

    Sell outs like Rubio won't be getting my vote this time around. The loud mouth has yet to make a peep about Syria. I guess the reaction to his immigration vote temporarily chastened him.

    1. agreed. the republicans are just a different version of the democrats. i really don't see any difference when it comes to real issues. i'm not talking about the stuff that is really a persons private business but real national issues.

      Rubio is a disgrace but so is Ryan. in the end they all fall in line and do as told.

  2. After watching Vladimir Putin's speech to Obama there are sometimes where he makes too much sense. This year has been weird. I find myself agreeing with the President of Russia on foreign policy more often than I find myself agreeing with the President of the US. I think a vast majority of the west would agree.

    Here's Putin speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jNKm3TsJ9Ks

    1. i think you're spot on. Putin makes alot more sense than Obama.

      i've been chewing on the question. why has Obama been all over the map in his decision making. he seems to lack clarity, often seems indecisive and seems hesitant to stake out positions on tough issues.

      i believe it has to do with him not having a core philosophy to draw on. or to put it another way, i think his ideology of how the world functions is colliding with the reality of it.

      in a liberal dream world when the President of the world's most powerful nation draws a line in the sand then a smaller, militarily and economically weaker country would never seek to cross it. the reality is much different.

      in the real world he has the authority to act on his own. in his liberal world, he doesn't want to be seen as a pariah. he ridiculed Bush but chances are he could face the same situation.

      his image of the world is simply colliding with the reality of the world.

      he's fucked and he wants us all to take the ride with him.

    2. PS. you heard it here first. Boehner just lost his speakership.

  3. Without Bush decade, I think Obama would already crushed IRAN and Syria...Now you just can't afford that..

    1. he would have done no such thing. you know it and so do i.

  4. Kerry is currently saying Obama is not asking America to go to war. He knows this, because Hagel knows what real war is. You can't make this stuff up.


    1. yeah i'm watching it on tv. the irony of this is beyond delicious. these noted doves are suddenly hawks. i never thought i would see Kerry pushing the US to participate in a police action. Hagel was a grunt and he's behind this too.

  5. Wow...... this blog just veered in BATSHIT CRAZY conspiracy theory land

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  7. I am not in favor of intervening, but if Obama is determined to intervene, he should not do it publically. He should intervene clandestinely in manner that does not involve and cannot be traced back to America.

    He would far better off secretly cutting Iran’s air and land bridge over Iraq to Syria. Have the Turks and the Kurds do it, or use the CIA. Deny they we are doing anything. Secretly get Congresses approval, and HE SHOULD KEEP HIS BIG MOUTH SHUT AND NOT LEAK IT TO THE PRESS.

    However, we would be better off doing NOTHING. Both sides of the Syrian civil war hates us and they are both evil. Currently , I do not see how we can effect an outcome that will benefit America.


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