Monday, May 12, 2014

Slovakia Army BMP2 upgrade

Note:  All photos property of Cem Altinisik.  Used with his permission.

I noted this highly modified and seriously upgraded BMP2 last year.  Quite honestly I thought it was a one off and that it wouldn't go into production.  Looks like I was wrong.

This will probably be the near term future for armored vehicle production.

Not new builds but simply upgraded and modified versions of existing vehicles.  But unlike the USMC, the Slovakia Army is actually getting on with the work of producing this vehicle.


  1. man....that is a seriously well upgraded vehicle. looks like improved armor, a huge improvement in sights, better crew compartment, and looks like the comm system has taken a huge upgrade.

    1. you have a good eye.

      thats exactly what they've done and in doing this i'd say they almost have a new vehicle. its impressive.

    2. Id like to see the underbelly and in the hull. I have a feeling thats been improved. One thing to note, is the lack of propellers on the rear. Im wonderin if it can still float and or transverse amphibiously. It could be like the usmc lav upgrade

  2. There is a lot of russian stuff over there that will be updated. Peru has plans to update their 350 T-55 in to Terminators and to buy T-90. Also they havr plans to buy 1500 trucks and Lavs for their huge army with thousands of spikes and Kornets. That's a lot of bang for the buck

  3. Czechs are doing it as well. Much better interior pics can be seen here.

    With Ukraine in the news, this is just the thing that our Eastern European NATO members should consider. Poland has over 1000, Hungary circa 500. That's a good market

    1. Most of Polish ones are rather old and worn out, I don't think that would be a good idea, for some years now there is a technology dialect and R&D carried out for new type of tracked IVF for Polish Army. Something rather similar to CV90.

      To the end of 2022 they should be replaced by new IFV ( in theory and we all know that theory have little in common with practice ) For now there are those company that start in that dialect.

      1. Aycomm
      2. BAE Systems Hägglunds AB
      3. Etronika
      4. Huta Stalowa Wola
      5. IMS-Griffin
      6. KenBIT
      7. MK Szuster
      8. Nexter
      9. PCO SA
      10. PHO OBRUM
      11. PSM Projekt System &Managment GmbH
      12. Radiotechnika Marketing
      13. Rheinmetall Defence
      14. Saab Technologies Poland
      15. Thales Polska
      16. WB Electronics
      17. Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów

  4. It is actually a cooperation of Czech and Slovak companies. More details can be found here on web of Czech company Excalibur Army:

  5. People forget that the Czechs/Slovaks have a long history of making good weapons.

    One just needs to look at the Czech VZ58 assault rifle to see that it was a vastly better version of an AK.


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