Saturday, August 23, 2014

Chorizo Breakfast Casserole

The rebellion starts one small step at a time!  SAY NO TO FAST FOOD!

Besides, if you're doing the Ketogenic/Atkins/Caveman diet then its hard to find fast food that fits your needs.  AND the above video recipe looks FANTASTIC!


  1. I try to hit chipotle as much as possible on road, or do breakfast as much as possible (sonic) since normally it's lots of eggs, bacon, sausage. Or I'll stop at outback get some steak and sweet potatoes. Love my paleo


    1. well at least you're eating right when you do go out. i'm just tired of the lukewarm food and the bad attitude from the fast food workers. maybe they have a right to be pissed but god damnit i just met you so don't be an ass.

  2. Nice recipe, but the vitamins in the same container is a little anal. And I'd throw some garlic in the mix. I guess to serve, you mike it for a minute or so?


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