Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Poland's WILK Fire Support Vehicle.

Thanks Galvars for the images!

I just can't help but think about the Marine Personnel Carrier and the word that I got that Lockheed Martin Ground was already developing a family of vehicles for the USMC.

If Dunford goes forward with the program then I think we might see an instant upgrade in the firepower available to our Infantry forces.  Tanks might not hit the beach until things are secured and won't be available until the push inland.  Putting direct fires on our APC's (just a few of them) would seem like a no brainer and a throw back to the LVTH-6 from years ago.


  1. Looks like what the stryker mgs should have been. I wonder if it looses its amphibious capability with all that extra weight though. No visible water jets on that one.

    1. The latest patterns of Rosomak were already unable to swim, too much weight with every additional equipment that became essentially in time of Iraq and Afgan operation. There are displacement's packages to give the new models again swimming abilities. But even if Cockerill CT-CV 105HP is low-weight turret, the overall weight including turret and ammo will probably eliminate amphibious capability.

      For now the turret were put in to integration and firing tests, and it's go thru it singing. Not a single problem. It was also put in to multirole "Anders" platform and again, not a single problem with that.

  2. I must ad that I'm not sure if we are going in to right direction.

    Let's start with +

    - The CT-CV 105HP is modern, very new design. You can be sure that it will work perfectly fine as Cockerill are not newbies in business.
    - The 105 mm is standard caliber in NATO nations, the unification of caliber will minimal problems with ammo supply as they all use the same one.
    - The already well proven chassis of Patria AMV, turret fit perfectly without any serious changes in overall construction.

    - For regional point of view, Poland posses full manufacturing and modification capability's that create no problems with building new of modification of already existing chassis for new turret.
    - It give also the "Rosomak" equipped brigades the needed fire support.

    Now let's go to -

    - For long time there is an discussion why "Rosomaks" did not receive anti tank missile launchers integrated with turret for heavy punch against enemy armor. TOW or more probable Spike that is already used by Polish Army would be perfect candidate bust still, after many years "Rosomak" did not receive them. If the possible introduction of "Wilk" in to combat brigades will in politicians and HQ opinion negate need of ad missile launchers for standard IFV will not give more bad then good?
    - Next, the possible introduction in near future the "Rosomak II" a modification of basic Patria that include a specialized anti tank version with Spike missile launcher will be not put on hold?
    - On Patria chassis Polish Army already start to receive SMK120 "Rak", the mobile mortar system that will work as organic fire support vehicle in "Rosomak" brigades. It's not better to build more SMK120 then possible "Wilk's"?
    - There are voices that 105mm is not strong enough to counter Russian armor, is not the secret that Poland still see Russia as highly potential enemy and try to always look at own weapons as counters for Russian equipment. Now, in theory there is not too many places in Central Europe where tank can use max range of it's cannon, so maybe 105mm is enough to the job?

    And there are already news about new unmanned turret for "Rosomak" with still 30mm ATK Mk 44 and double Spike-LR missile launcher.

    So what conclusion the USMC can take from it? Do they want to go in to full "Stryker" system with wheeled APC and separate Fire support vehicle like Centauro or Wilk, or more heavy armed Patria IFV with weapon systems of Bradley that would try to merge those two roles in one? Where is that golden middle?

    1. Shas, how can I find you in FB or somewhere in the web? Sorry for the offtop.

    2. You can't lad... you can't. I'm sworn enemy of FB or any type of social media sites. Yep, I'm soooo not exist in void's of Internet. :D

      Or we can say that as the ardent believer of W40k I live by the rule of Blood Ravens "Knowledge is power, hide it well"

    3. Yes, Google+ account you can find me under the nick Galvars.

  3. cockerill 105 turret designed to fire the falerick ATGW missile all testing done in Scotland video on you tube it has a range of 5km, only downside I believe the missile is of Ukraine origin!!


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