Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dakota Meyer. Man of the Year?

via Free Beacon.
Recently Meyer has spent his time trolling Islamic State fighters after reports surfaced that the Islamic terrorists may be targeting U.S. military members through social media.
“I’m just tired of us as Americans living in fear,” he told Jeff Schogol. “I want people to know: Stand up to this; stand up to these people.”
“I don’t want to put anybody else in harm. They can come after me.”
Read the entire article.  I just don't know about this one.

Meyer has been rather unconventional since his award.  It was put out that he intended to run for office, he came out to tell Marines that were unhappy with Amos' leadership to basically shut up and then he was talking shit to ISIS.

Most Medal of Honor winners show a bit more ... caution ...they are carefully neutral in public and I believe that most winners spend the rest of their lives trying to make sure that they don't bring dishonor or embarrassment to the Medal. 

Meyer's hasn't done that.  He dove headfirst into the controversy with the past Commandant and got smacked down hard by the Marine brotherhood.  The smack talk to ISIS might get non-military people excited but those in the gun club know that more than likely our people will face ISIS on the battlefield....shit talk from a MoH winner could prove...troublesome...at best.  As far as the rumored run for office.  Who knows.  I'd assume he'd run as a Republican, he is a Marine after all but I've been surprised before.

But ignoring all that.  What makes him worthy of "Man of the Year"?  Is this a case of politics over substance?  A few statements can't be all it takes can it?

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