Friday, January 16, 2015

Romanian Dacia Combat Car via GunsnGear Blog.

Can one of my European readers tell me if this is real?  Do the Romanian forces actually use the Dacia with RWS as a combat car?


  1. Why not, for border guards or security duty it's excellent thing. Low price, easy to use... not that bad idea.

    1. i never commented on whether it was a good idea or not. i simply asked if it was real.

    2. Yes, real I did saw some vid of it in military parade:

      It is a nice parade but you will be interested watching it from 24:50

  2. Good news...........the Dacia Sandero is finally here.

    Top Gear anyone?

    1. Ha ha... boys from Top Gear would piss in pants from happiness. But I don't think Hammond would be impressed after riding Marauder.

    2. It is sold as the Renault Duster in India.

    3. Just don't take those turns too hard!

    4. In Brazil both Sandero and duster is sold by Renault.

      BTW, my father owns a Sandero... Is quite good.

    5. Did the salesman give your father the option of the RWS ?

  3. Looks more zombie appocolipse than military

  4. I'm not surprised by the technical
    Its the RWS that sounds fishy
    Aren't they mega pricey?

    1. Seems like a $100,000 saddle on a $10 horse to me. Unless you're a) Not going off-road, and b) hull down behind something, this thing seems useless.

    2. Finaly some one recognised the elephant in the room ,any decent RWS costs way more than that Dacia piece of crap its mounted on .

    3. Most RWS are only pricey because they are severely over priced.

      Elements of a RWS:

      None of that is really that expensive. This isn't the 80's or even the 90's. IR and Thermo sensors are a dime a dozen. Controller hardware is everywhere, open source, and cheap. Rugged LCDs are cheap as well. Metal fab isn't expensive. And high precision electric motors have pretty much flooded the market.

      100k for an MG RWS? tha't like 95% profit margin.

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  7. it's not used by the military or anyone else, probably just a project to see how a taliban type van would turn out of our local made 4x4
    + (use google translate)

  8. When I first saw this, I was thinking vehicular drone. Cheap, nasty and expendable.

  9. Do you remember the Man from UNCLE lunchbox?

  10. Some offtopic
    Disadvantages of Ukrainian's Spartan APC (producer is Streit Group from Canada on the base of Ford F 350:

    1. Chassis can not withstand the car, and it breaks the brackets shock-roll (in 5 of 15 APCs).
    2.Leaking oil from shock (in all APC).
    3. To enable the front axle, the driver must get out of the APC and turn it on (in all APC).
    4. It is not the place for a spare wheel (in all APC).
    5. To charge the vehicle's fuel that meet the specifications for a new generation engine - as a result in 60% of the APC “engine trouble” is indicated on a dash. The engines: Toyota 4,5і (218 hp) Or Toyota 4,0 TD (240 hp.).
    6. Unable to independent APC service, it can be done only at specialized stations, as required computer diagnostics and special tools.
    7. When driving on rough terrain or driving over potholes in the steering column there is a strong blow (in all APC).
    8. APC’s winch can not withstand active usage and became out of line soon (in 1 of 15 APCs).
    9. APC’s frontal armor is weak, that at the first hit of a bullet or shell fragments cause the APC becomes out of line (in all APC).
    10. Bulletproof glass can not withstand the second shot.
    11. Bars are not on all windows (in 1 of 15 APC’s).
    12. During a machine gun shells fall under the hood of the car, and this can damage the engine ((in all APC).
    Under the pulley timing belt timing sleeve and FUBAR comes to the engine (there is stupid design of housing and it covers only one side, besides I think after the first belt replacement none will place the housing on the designed place – because it means very trouble involved).
    In general, such APC should have engines with timing chain, because in combat conditions, reliability is more important than low noise and smooth running.
    13. At the time of shooting on the move can not be hitting the target due to the shaking of the APC (as an option, you must mount the gear type for greater stability gun) (in all APC).

    14. To replace the box of ammunition to the gun arrow must pop out from behind cover, which increases the likelihood of injury (in all APC).
    15. Weak protection gunner, protective side-panels need to be strengthened (in all APC).
    16. There is no standard radio (in all APC).
    17. Electronic counter speedometer shows "km / h", but believes mileage in miles of land (at all).

    Add: the engine would be better to have better traction, even if not as powerful. For example, something as simple as the angle of the house as the Soviet V8 type of ZIL-130 would be greatly better. Because with current engines the APC does not work well in moving on a hill even if the APC is empty not to mention if loaded with cargo or personal.

    PS from Info-Infanterie: Taken from one Ukrainian volonteer’s personal page ( with some adding from comments after discussion on one Russian military forum. Google translation with my correction.

  11. a high tech ISIS wannabe technical vehicle... hmm

    im ready to believe anything since those crazy guys in libya / syria mounted rocket launchers, heavy cannon , heavy MG on the back of a pickup

  12. The point of a RWS is to fire a weapon while sitting in safety under armor. Where is the armor on this car? What protection will that 2-4mm of aluminium roof or glass window give the RWS operator that a normal cupola mounted machine gun would not ?

    And this vehicle obviously cannot do Riot Control with a machinegun. What will it fire at civilians when they start pelting it with stones or come up dangerously close to the policemen?

    1. Perhaps there is a crowd-control variant as well, SS? It probably wouldn't take too much ingenuity or prowess to simply add a mix of non-lethal systems to the Remote operated system... Good point though.

      With respect to your fair and legit question regarding: 'what is the point of having a RWS mod' added to a vulnerable car? Perhaps there could be some light add-on kevlar type armor, or bullet-resistant glass option - resistant to small caliber (snipers) at 100m, or fragmentation from grenade launchers, etc. But this vehicle could arguably be a valid concept to enhance long-endurance operations (with quick reaction time) in heavy weather (e.g., while in heavy rains, or freezing temps, with driving winds, etc)? Just my views.

  13. I think it should be armed with a tee shirt cannon and used at monster truck rally.

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  15. Greetings from Romania, Snafu!

    The Dacia Duster in the pictures you've posted is a test platform developed by Renault Dacia for military applications. It's an industrial development project not an operational vehicle or a prototype. The Dacia Duster is an SUV not 4x4 and it is not suited for front line military applications. One piece of technology Dacia wanted to test with the vehicle was the weapons station you see in the pictures. It is of Romanian design and a variation of this weapons station is used on the Type 22 frigate in our navy's service. The navy version is using a DShKM while the version mounted on the Dacia mounts a PK machine gun. In the pictures above it's firing blanks. The Army tested the militarized Duster and found it wanting. Dacia is still going ahead with the project though. A new type of RWS is being tested with the Duster now, a less bulky design and mounting a 0.5 Browning machine gun.

    Some Dusters are used by the Romanian Armed Forces as auxiliary vehicles.


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