Friday, January 23, 2015

Sci-Fi Friday. Alien Outpost!


  1. I might pass this one.

    Btw, the last Tom Cruise movie, Edge of tomorrow, is quite good. I have to read the mangá version of it ( all you need is kill) some folks said it is much better then the movie, so i might take a look.

  2. Yeah I struggled with that plot.
    Aliens invade
    We win
    Aliens retreat to a single point for a last stand.
    (Rather than nuke the site, or flood it with ten million men and kill them all)
    We fight a ten year COIN war

    No all war films need to link to Afghaq...

    Apart from that it looked splody

  3. Movie kinda confusing.. why the aliens with it's nice weapons , behaving like mindless untrained insurgents in afghanistan ?

    if an alien race conquered the space travel they can surely WMD'ed the planet before assaulting them with ground troops...

  4. I'd like to see some Alien invasion movie with tanks though they wouldn't be tracked but hover like Luke Skywalkers land speeder. I'll still see this being a big SiFi fan even if it sucks, but it looks okay.


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