Monday, February 02, 2015

Chinese Marine Amphibious Assault Ship Concept Art.

Thanks to Duke for the link.

Just concept art people!  Don't get it twisted....although we do know that the Chinese are working on a 50,000 ton LHD...and it appears they are working on some type of VTOL airplane to fly from it.

Question.  Has anyone heard anything about the Chinese V-22 they're suppose to be working on?


  1. With every year they show better and better concepts...

  2. The plane looks like they combined a gripen, F35, and a harrier.

    1. Beowulf75

      And mechanically impossible, since the vertical lift engine is embedded within the intake.

    2. Well... this is something Boeing did and in more or less system F-35B use so... mechanical possible for sure.

    3. Shas

      The X-32's engine is located right before the center of gravity in order to redirect the jet thrust at the center of gravity.

      That J-11 model has separate engines for main propulsion and vertical lift, and the vertical lift engine is blocking the airway of the main engine.

    4. We don't know how this concept is design, for now it remind a X-32B lift nozzles and Yak-141 main nozzle in one platform.

      The J-11 is an Chinese license model of Flanker, I don't know what vertical lift you say about in that case.

      For now this concept is as many others from Dragon only a concept art... of heavy modified J-10.


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