Monday, February 02, 2015

Kurdish Special Forces punishes for the acrobatics!


  1. Those Peshmerga are looking very "western" in the gear they're wearing. But then again so is everyone else.

  2. Offtopic
    North Korea conducts anti-aircarries exercises.
    Under the scenario, aviation and naval forces of the KPA worked out an unexpected blow to the potential enemy aircraft carrier, which role acts a small island. In the attack were involved MiG-23ML from the 1st Guards Air Division of the KPA Air Force and Air Defense, as well as submarines of Project 033 (633). The head of the DPRK stated that the purpose of the exercise - "the destruction of carrier strike groups aggressive forces of the US imperialists."
    taken here

  3. Hahahah.. nice to see some pest jumping like a rat..hahaha..good job Kurds…. We support your good deeds against this evil ISIS.


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