Thursday, March 12, 2015

Republic of Korea 2nd Infantry Division, 9th Marines training exercise (pics)...


  1. Well here in St Louis the local news stations are at least 3/4 operated by incompetent morons so I take what they say with a grain of salt, but... Last update I heard that the cops had been released from the hospital (so I suppose not especially damaging bullets) and they claim that the shots were in the neighborhood of 150yds distance (so some sort of rifle or carbine). Swat went and picked up at least one person this morning. There was video of 2 or so of the protesters (seem to mostly dumbfuck college kids on break) in a fist fight and on of the guys who was nearby (may have been trying to help break up the fight, not sure) later was trying to shut down a camera crew along with one or two other people. I was really hoping that this crap was pretty much over with.

  2. Hit in the face with a bullet still stuck behind the ear doesn't sound like any sort of center fire ammo to me. In the shoulder out the back could be any caliber, but based on both officers living, I'm guessing some type of rimfire based on the limited wound data available.


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