Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chinese Landing Exercise...

Thanks to Info Infaterie for the link!

Marine Corps officials are fond of saying that "We don't do Iwo Jima's anymore"...I find the statement beyond annoying because that battle is one of the greatest moments in Marine Corps history....but back on task.

The USMC might have given up on large scale amphibious assaults but the Chinese haven't.

They're preparing to do an "Iwo Jima" and they're going to land with armor from the sea, infantry, supporting elements and a whole lot of nationalistic motivation.

From my chair the Red Dragon has achieved regional superiority and could launch now and win.  Why haven't they?  My guess is that they're attempting to gain perfect victory.  Their perspective is to be so overwhelmingly powerful that they win without having to fire a shot.  Updated timescale on when they will be able to force Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines to capitulate without firing a shot?  2020.

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