Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lockheed Martin Amphibious Combat Vehicle??? Unethical, Thieving, Backstabbing Bastards...

Via Navy Recognition.
Lockheed Martin Ends Collaboration with Patria on Havoc & Will Present its Own Design for ACV
Contacted by Army Recognition, a Lockheed Martin representative explained:
'"Lockheed Martin is fully committed to the United States Marine Corps. Lockheed Martin looks forward to providing an Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) solution with significant growth margin for all future ACV variants. Prior to Lockheed Martin's ACV proposal submission, Lockheed Martin and Patria mutually agreed to end our exclusive association on the program. For competitive reasons, we are not disclosing information on our proposed solution at this time."

The spokesperson also said that Lockheed Martin is expecting to unveil its new solution during Modern Day Marine, a defense show held in September in Virginia.
Navy Recognition are good guys, but I doubt they contacted LM.

I'm betting LM contacted them so they could get the story out and spin this to their own benefit.

One thing is painfully obvious.

Lockheed Martin is involved in some of the most distasteful activities I've seen in the defense sector.  Additionally it seems that the little birdy that told me so LONG AGO that LM was stealing from Patria was spot on.

Lockheed Martin teamed with Patria, got hold of their specifications on the AMV, stuck around long enough to pilfer information on the next gen model of that vehicle and now they're going to repackage that into their own offering?

SIDENOTE:  A little more inside baseball.  Patria was solid in all this.  A little birdy also told me that Patria was trying to contact LM to get further information on necessary modification that they would need to make to get the AMV to be a better swimmer (some thought it the best performer on land with swimming being a possible weakness).  Patria, provided all schematics/technical specifications to LM and appears to truly have seen this as a REAL partnership.

But this also points to something a bit more confusing.  Why would LM be able to present their solution in Sept at Modern Day Marine?  The ACV contest is suppose to be going on NOW!  Proposals were to have already been submitted.  Are we about to see more bullshit from the Marine Corps on that project?

But back to Lockheed Martin.  If a company decides to team with them in the future then I will question the intelligence/sanity of their leadership or note that they're as corrupt/unethical/thieving/backstabbing as their new partners.

Even worse than all this?

Lockheed Martin is the company that the US and allied forces are depending on to build its next gen airplane.....its like trusting your son or daughter to a pedophile.

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