Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Does it take Royal Marines to remind US Marines of their roots?

Thanks to the "Other Chris" for the link!

via Stars and Stripes...
“It’s been excellent so far,” U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Christopher Sevigny said of having the Royal Marine embedded with their platoon. “They have different experiences; they’re more focused on their actual soldiering and not so much getting all wrapped up in technology. It’s nice having him here, bringing that new breath.”

Amazing...extremely damning but amazing.

A Sergeant of Marines is saying that the Royal Marines are more focused on soldiering and not all wrapped up in technology.

That should make every person wearing a star(s) cringe and think twice about what they're doing to the United States Marine Corps!  

The downward spiral of the Marine Corps is already happening...and it took a Marine Sergeant on Okinawa to prove the point.  If we're lucky the Royal Marines will remind us of our roots.  I don't think we're very lucky.

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