Tuesday, September 22, 2015

China's PL-15....its 150-200 km air to air missile..

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via Popular Science...
The PL-15 is developed by the 607 Institute. It is the replacement for China's current BVRAAM, the radar guided, PL-12, which reportedly has a range of approximately 100km. Compared to the PL-12, the PL-15 has an improved active radar seeker and jam-resistant datalinks, along with a dual pulse rocket motor to extend its range.
Even in the prototype stage, the PL-15 is already an international star. Speaking at the 2015 Air Force Association conference the same week as the test, USAF Air Combatant Commander General Hawk Carlisle cited the PL-15 as the reason for Congress to fund a new missile to replace the American AMRAAM. His reasons for concern is the PL-15's range. By incorporating a ramjet engine, its range could reach 150-200km, was well as its terminal maneuverability. That would out-range existing American air-to-air missiles, making the PL-15 not just a threat to fighters like the F-35, but also to US bombers and aerial tankers critical to American air operations across the vast Pacific. General Carlisle called "out-sticking" the PL-15 a high priority for the USAF.

Trump is right.  Their guys are smarting than our guys.

Say it loud.  Payloads over platforms!  AGAIN!  PAYLOADS OVER PLATFORMS!

Even if the F-35 meets every one of its design goals ITS STILL GOING TO BE AT A DISADVANTAGE!  Radars are beating stealth.  Its time in the sun is over and computing power will render it obsolete in a decade or less (shaping stealth that is) if it hasn't already.

Meanwhile our enemies are developing not only long range Surface to Air missile but long range Air to Air missiles as well.

So let me get this straight.  The scenario is that a flight of F-35's escorted by F-22's are going to dodge long range surface to air missiles being guided by Chinese long range UAVs, land based AESA arrays, ship based AESA arrays, their version of AWACs, dodge enemy J-11s and J-20s and conduct strikes against their ballistic missiles to protect our carriers/Guam/Okinawa?

Wow.  Just wow.  Are we trying to lose the war before it starts?

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