Friday, September 11, 2015

NATO admits that Russia's move into Syria caught them by surprise...

via Defense One.
“Are we keeping up with threats?…Absolutely not,” said U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Brett Heimbigner Thursday. “The demands for intelligence… to accurately deal with some of these crises is clearly insufficient.”
Heimbigner’s latest frustration: “From an alliance perspective, what Russia is doing and the ability of Russia to surprise us on a very consistent basis.”
“We were able to get some warning, but did not see from a strategic perspective that one, necessarily, coming until just a couple days ago,”
he said
Should he be saying this in the clear?  I mean geez!  Really?  Seriously?  It almost seems as if bloggers got the info at about the same time as he did!  I have another point to make but check this out first...
“In fact, we are now in a situation where, as an alliance, we can’t even come up with a coordinated threat assessment overall”
Uh wow.  But lets circle back to the highlighted section in the first paragraph....
“We were able to get some warning, but did not see from a strategic perspective that one..."
What has the US been pounding the table on with regard to winning the next war?

Information Dominance.

We've been spoon fed the idea that information dominance would make up for smaller units, less fire power and a smaller military overall.  If we truly are masters of the art when it comes to information then how could Russia surprise our military/intel community?  We need to seriously rethink things.  If this is any indication then many assumptions that have been made are just plain wrong.

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