Saturday, October 03, 2015

F-35 News. More on the sea trials...

Its been my contention that the F-35 Program Office sending the plane out to the carrier for its sea trials is a sign of desperation...a desire to generate positive news about the plane and the program...a hail Mary toss to get support from Congress Critters to work a deal to prevent sequestration (or at least get the plane a waiver...never forget that everything must die so that the F-35 can live!).

Many have pushed back and said that everything was operating normally.  I present the following (clink on the links to be taken to the stories)....
Military bracing for Hurricane Joaquin
National Guard activates ahead of Hurricane Joaquin
Navy Preparing Ships to Head to Sea Ahead of Hurricane Joaquin
Navy sets Sortie Condition Bravo due to Hurricane Joaquin
Kearsarge ARG, 26th MEU departure delayed by storm
Langley F-22s head for safety, while military bases prep for storm
Guys!  The military doesn't play with hurricanes!  Don't you know this is the official get drunk out of your mind and do stupid shit in the barracks?  Don't you know this is an unofficial holiday on base?  Head over to the Base Exchange and all you'll see are Marines carrying out cases of beer, hard alcohol and the gym rats turning over bunks because the gym is closed, they can't go outside so they make improvised pull up bars in their rooms!

Equipment is sheltered, planes flown to other bases..etc.  Gear damaged in combat is forgivable, under any other circumstances unexcusable...and that includes hurricanes.

So you tell me.  Why would the F-35 program office go against common military practice to send the plane out to sea unless it was for public relations?  It damn sure wasn't/isn't a military necessity so why do it?

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