Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Russian Helicopter Close Air Support in Syria...

Thanks to InfoInfantrie for the link!

A few things.

I talk shit about the wing but damn it, those Russians are flying close air just like Marine Corps Cobra pilots.  They aren't scared to get in the shit and neither are those Russians.  Interesting.  I hope our guys are practicing helicopter vs helicopter tactics.  That should be one helluva fight (hopefully it doesn't happen...but if it does...).


Did you catch glimpses of the Syrian Army?  Those guys are sporting brand new gear.  Not one spot of dust on it.  It looks like it was issued just before they went into combat....not even training scuffs on it.  The infusion of aid to the Syrian Army by the Russians must be MUCH MORE robust than we're being led to believe.


Did you notice the Syrian tanks bounding to contact?  They're using much better tactics from just a few frames of video than I saw earlier in the war.  Danger focuses the mind and these guys are motivated.

This is about to get beyond interesting.  According to my Russian readers the final assault is due to start anytime.  This should be telling.

I don't expect there to be many prisoners.

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