Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Russian military activity in Syria...

Hey guys.

The main stream media seems to just be catching up to the facts on the ground in Syria.  Interesting, only because we've been waaaaaaay ahead of them.

The Russians are supporting a ground offensive being conducted by the Assad Loyalist and the Iranian Quds Force?  Called it!  The issue of the airspace not being deconflicted?  Called it!  The fact that the Russians have established a de facto "no fly zone" over much of Syria?  Called it.  Seeing Russian Marines land in Syria?  We saw it!  Noting the fact that the Russian Special Ops are hookin and jabbin?  Saw it!

Between my searches, the tips YOU GUYS (!) sent to the website and the collective brainpower of all MY READERS (!) we've been seeing this stuff develop while to the masses it's all new.

The current stage of the conflict isn't of interest.  We need to try and look at the patterns and figure out what comes next.  This is just the opening round.  What's round 2?

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