Monday, January 25, 2016

Chinese Marines training in the Gobi Desert (pics) via China Defense Blog.

Note:  More pics here.  The degree to which they've mechanized their Marines should send chills thru US Marine Corps planners.  Turning the USMC into a "airmobile" organization based on light infantry and dismantling the combined arms team is the biggest mistake made by Amos, followed by Dunford and now Neller.  What amazes me is that NO ONE is standing up and yelling bullshit.  Chinese Marines will gobble up a Company Landing Team and drink its milkshake.  Once again I'm pointing fingers at the Naval Services advocacy/policy journals.  The current concepts have received NO critical review.  There has been NO pushback even though EVERYONE knows better.  Why?  Proceedings, Seapower and others should be all over this!

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