Friday, January 22, 2016

Gun guys! Remember the shortages/price hikes? Now is the time to stock up!

Thanks to "T" for the idea!

We were talking about Yoga Pants on another post and "T" reminded me of something.

Do you remember the shortages/price hikes from hell after Sandy Hook?  Yeah I do and S&W, along with Cheaper Than Dirt are still on my shit list because of their actions.

Long story short, if you're a gun person then now is the time to stock up!  Prices are generally reasonable if not good.  Additionally we see manufacturers coming out with innovative products.  You need mags?  Now is the time to get 10 per firearm.  You need ammo?  2000 rounds per gun (rotated) is the minimum.

The good thing?  Take ammo for instance.  If you buy in bulk then you can get a case of 9mm (range quality) for around 200 bucks for a case of 1000.  That's just you making your own coffee instead of giving Starbucks your cash for a couple of months.

Trust me now.  Strike while the time is right.

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