Tuesday, February 09, 2016

CH-53K | The King Stallion...IOC in 2019...so why are we still pushing the ACV to the right?

The Marine Corps just released this video to show how "awesome" the CH-53K will be.  Ok.  But consider this from Biz Journal...
The ACV will be the next generation vehicle in the Marine Corps’ fleet. The AAV SU will be in operation until 2035, and after that will be replaced with the 8x8-wheeled ACV.
That's right.  They're planning on US Marines riding into combat in vehicles that are older than their grandparents!  That's roughly the equivalent of today's
Marines going to war inside the Korea Era LVT-3C!

It's past time to get our armor house in order.  Push the ACV forward (or accelerate the AAV SU project), make the hard decision on the future of Marine Tanks (either upgrade to US Army standard or transition to an amphibious mobile gun, first with AAVs then with the ACV...amphibious tanks need to make a comeback!), figure out how the MEU is going to float all these vehicles that are much heavier than legacy.  Do work HQMC!

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