Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Remaining Militiamen at the Oregon standoff are losing it...

via Chicago Tribune..
e last four occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge have posted a series of defiant videos in which one of them calls FBI agents losers, shows a defensive perimeter they have built and takes a joyride in a government vehicle.
The videos were posted Sunday on a YouTube channel called Defend Your Base, which the armed group has been using to give live updates. The holdouts are among 16 people charged with conspiracy to interfere with federal workers in the armed standoff over federal land policy that has surpassed five weeks.
In one of the new videos, occupier David Fry says the FBI told him he faces additional charges because of defensive barricades the four have built.
They're playing mind games with these guys and they're crumbling like stale cookies.  Do you hear the guy rambling and talking silly?  They aren't serious at all.  The FBI is dealing with children!

I once thought these guys were hardcore but they're soft as butter left in the sun.....worse for the militia movement is the fact that the FBI is allowing these videos to be released to the public.  The Militia Movement is being killed and the guys in the standoff don't even realize that they're being used to make it happen.

Congrats FBI.  You've mastered Human Terrain Theory, penetration of social networks, and proven that dismantling domestic anti-govt groups is something you're skilled at.

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