Thursday, April 21, 2016

173rd forgets how to airborne? Nope, but you watched careers and Humvees crash on that drop zone.

Everyone and their mother is sending me links to this vid.  The guys on the vid are laughing, and the public seems amused.

I have a different take.

When was the last time you saw a mass heavy drop?  I don't know but I bet the 173rd and Army Airborne is out of practice.  Additionally I'd bet the Parachute Riggers aren't as up to speed on the deed as they'd like everyone to believe.

What I see is tribal knowledge being regained at the expense of a few Humvees getting signed off the books early.  Unfortunately Big Army being Big Army I'm sure we saw more than Humvees crash at that drop zone.  I'm sure a few careers got smashed too.  And that is a shame.

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