Thursday, April 14, 2016

Democrats are as pissed as Republicans. How far away is the US from something "dramatic"?

Love them or hate'em  Bernie and Trump have tapped into a populace anger that exists on both sides of the isle...that's a Bernie supporter in the above vid calling Hillary a whore for corporate America!

Putting the politics aside, how far away is the US from something "dramatic" happening?  No.  I'm not talking about the majority that view everything as being normal no matter how abnormal things are.  I'm talking about the maybe 10-20% on both sides of the isle that seem to have tuned into the fact that things are jacked up.  In a nation of 350 plus million people you're talking about a sizeable group.

When do those people suddenly decide to say screw it all and go there own way?  When do they decide that the govt no longer works for them but against them?

What will the response be?

The scariest (in the real meaning of the word, not how its thrown around today) part is that no matter who wins at least half the population is gonna be pissed.

We're ripe for something very dangerous to happen.

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