Monday, April 18, 2016

French Armor @ Exercise Griffin Strike 2016

Photos via SPTA Military FaceBook Page.

No offense to my European friends but tell me why Trump isn't right about NATO?  Looking at Exercise Griffin Strike and the EU Defense structure, it appears that NATO is simply another layer to European defense and the US isn't needed.

Speaking from a strictly US view, we're badly over stretched and the 2nd CAV, 173rd Airborne and USMC Black Sea Rotational Force (not to mention the SPMAGTF-CR) would be better used elsewhere.  Additionally, you have the European military powers (not to mention the combat hardened smaller countries that have participated in Afghanistan)....the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Poland,Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland and sometimes Germany...along with Georgia, Romania, and other countries that I'm forgetting represent a VERY credible combat force.

This isn't a bitch or gripe, just an observation.  Tell me how I'm wrong.

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